Statement of Okerda’s Labor Policy

Okerda is committed to take social and environmental responsibility and has zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking.

Okerda has adopted CSR standards for itself and its suppliers.When review and/or renew business with suppliers, Okerda will evaluate each supplier's behavior according to the social responsibility and occupational health and safety commitment.

Okerda has also developed a social responsibility statement based on international conventions, social responsibility standards, and international labor and human rights standards.This statement reinforces Okerda's commitment to the rights of its employees and its supply chain.Okerda social responsibility statement can be found at http://www.okerda-tech.com

Okerda has taken various measures to ensure that there is no forced labor, slavery or human trafficking in its operations, including:

1. Assess social responsibility risks based on review and supervision results;
2. Do comply with local minimum-working-age laws and requirements, and prohibit hiring any child labor or forced labor.
3. Do respect every employees freedom and prohibit any form of forced labor or unwilling overtime assignments. With prior notification required by laws, all employees can voluntarily end the employment with the company.
4. Do not discriminate employees or job applicants because of race, color, age, gender, sex orientation, disability, nationality, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership, marriage condition, or any other personal characteristic protected by laws.
5. Do prohibit any form of harassments and inhumane treatments, including sexual harassment, abuse, slavery, corporal punishment, threatening, exploitation, or any mental or physical coercion.
6. Do follow the applicable laws for employee compensation and benefits, including minimum wage, paid holiday, and any other benefit required by laws.
7. Do establish management mechanism for working hours in line with applicable laws and national standards, and reasonably arrange employees working and rest schedule.
8. Do comply with local labor laws, customers’ related requirements, and international standards.