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WSME-315 Inverter AC/DC square-wave argon welding machine

Input power voltage Frequency(V,Hz):AC380(three phase)±15%,50/60
Rated input power capacity(KVA) : 16.2
No-load voltage(V):75±5
Output current range.(A):10-315
Duty cycle (%):(25℃):60
Power factor (COSφ):0.89
Insulation class:F
Overall dimension(mm):560×364×430
Case protection degree:IP21S
Post-flow time(s):2-10
Base current(A):10-315
Duty ratio(%):  10-90

Product Characteristics:
*Stable arc,easy to feed welding wire,esthetic shaping of welding seams.
*Remote foot control,adjustable current.
*DC welding function:can be used to weld stainless steel,alloyed steel,carbon steel,copper etc nonferrous metal.AC welding function:can be used to weld aluminium,aluminium alloy etc.
*DC argon arc welding, AC argon arc welding function in one machine,low noise.