Toroidal Power Transformers
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Encapsulated Power Transformer
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 ©¸ UI encapsulated power tran..
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Crystal Oscillators
High frequency transformer
 ©¸ EE series transformer
 ©¸ EI series transformer
 ©¸ EF series transformer
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 ©¸ EEL series transformer
 ©¸ EP series transformer
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Litz Wire
EI Low Frequency Power Transformer 50~60Hz
 ©¸ EI pcb mounting transforme..
 ©¸ EI lead wire type transfor..
 ©¸ 70VA-1200VA EI Ballasts
 ©¸ 10VA-500VA EI Adaptor tran..
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 ©¸ 120VA-500VA EI Professiona..
 ©¸ 150VA-1500VA EI UPS Power ..
 ©¸ 95VA-500VA Industrial Cont..
 ©¸ 50VA-1500VA JKB4 Control P..
Welding Transformer
 ©¸ ETD49 series
 ©¸ ETD59 Series
 ©¸ EER43 series(CT WIRE)
 ©¸ EER43 series(No CT wire)
 ©¸ EI33 series
 ©¸ EI28 series
 ©¸ EE25 series
 ©¸ T22X13.5X10 EI28 seires
 ©¸ UU10.5 series
 ©¸ T185 series
 ©¸ EE96X40
 ©¸ DR Choke
 ©¸ EE type
 ©¸ Toroidal amorphous welder ..
 ©¸ Reactor and coils
 ©¸ ZX7 series
Planar Transformer
SMD Transformer
Toroidal Inductor/Common Mode Choke
LED Fluorescent Tube EDR Series Transformer
 ©¸ 9W-15W EDR2009,EDR2609 Ser..
 ©¸ 15W-25W EDR2809 Series
 ©¸ 25W-35W EDR3909 Series
 ©¸ EDR4009,EDR4109 Series
 ©¸ EMC Toroidal inductor Seri..
PV Inverter/UPS/APF Powder Core Solution
 ©¸ PV Inverter
 ©¸ UPS
 ©¸ APF
 ©¸ New nergy Vehicle
Inverter Welding Machine
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 ©¸ Inverter DC TIG welding ma..
 ©¸ Inverter DC MMA /TIG weldi..
 ©¸ Inverter air plasma cuttin..
 ©¸ Inverter MIG welding machi..
 ©¸ Inerter MIG/MMA welding ma..
 ©¸ Inverter multifunctional w..
 ©¸ Inverter AC/DC TIG welding..
Current Transformer
 ©¸ Precision mini current tra..
 ©¸ Zero Phase current transfo..
 ©¸ Mini ring core current tra..
 ©¸ Split core current transfo..
 ©¸ MR PR series curren transf..
 ©¸ Residual Sequence current ..
 ©¸ Protective CT used for thr..
 ©¸ Single phase CT used for r..
SMD Power Inductor
R Type of Power Transformer
Machine Tool Control Transformer
Adapter and Charger
 ©¸ AC/DC adapter
 ©¸ Battery Charger

Okerda Total Quality Management Process Shall meet the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 and implement 5S activities to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

The Total Quality Management Process is the comprehensive process of satisfying the customer, starting with a request for a product or service through the delivery and use of the item that satisfies that request. The Total Quality Management Process is the attention and control that must be given to all features of a product or service to ensure total customer satisfaction. In addition to the obvious characteristics ¨C such as form, fit, function, and reliability ¨C the Total Quality Management Process involves maintainability, storability, appearance, ease of application, end use of a product or service, efforts to accomplish error-free documentation and systems, and countless other aspects contributing to the overall value to the internal operations or the external customer.

Quality System

The goal of Okerda Total Quality Management Process is delivering products and services that provide value and meet the customer¡¯s requirements. The quality policy, associated metrics and goals of the quality management system shall be evaluated for continued suitability as part of the business assessment process and associated management review. The ability to provide continual improvement and breakthrough improvement is a key element for growth and identifying organizational and individual achievements for recognition.

The Quality Management System shall foster and provide guidance for the continual improvement efforts including customer satisfaction, and the quality and reliability of our products, processes and services. The Six Sigma Operation Excellence initiative provides the framework and process for managing breakthrough improvement. Specific authority shall be given to those responsible for product, process, or system quality to:

  1. Determine the sequence and interaction of the processes needed to maintain the quality management system;
  2. Strictly implement the criteria of OQC, IPQC and IQC procedures as per the documental instruction, and determine the methods needed to ensure that both the operation and control of the processes are effective;
  3. Measure, monitor and analyze these processes and implement actions necessary to meet goals and to drive continual improvement;
  4. Initiate action to prevent nonconformances;
  5. Initiate action to identify, record, and correct problems;
  6. Initiate, recommend or provide solutions;
  7. Verify implementation of solutions;
  8. Control further processing, delivery, or installation of nonconformances;
  9. Utilize the DMAIC(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) process to implement breakthrough improvement.

Okerda maintains control over and responsibility for all processes that affect product conformance to requirements, regardless of whether the process is completed internally or by an external supplier.